broken threads



Create a Design Board in the manner of Info-Graphic / Data Visualization. The ability to translate information and data both functionally and beautifully into visual form is a vital skill for designers. The need for this kind of design is growing for Motion Graphics, ranging from entire pieces based on info-graphics and kinetic type to dynamic user interfaces utilizing motion design.


Nature behaves sometimes like a spider web. It is a structure that has different threads that hold it together and make everything work. It has different shapes, it changes with time, it overcomes different situations but at the end it is very fragile. Its threads are strong when they are together and weak when they are by themselves.
Every time a thread is broken the rest of the threads gain more tension and they loose their capacity to hold the structure effectively. It comes to a point in which the remaining ones can’t hold it any more and the structure falls apart. The color grading represents human muscles and the idea of the different scales in which nature can be found, from spider webs, and muscles to a galaxy.


Design Board